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Q. Is Marshall Foundation a University of Arizona Foundation?

A. No, it is a private foundation that has donated approximately $18 million to non-profit organizations in Pima County since it was founded in 1930. The Foundation has maintained a close relationship with the University since its founding and it contributes about half of its total annual donations to the school.

Q. Does Marshall Foundation receive outside donations?

A. No, the Foundation is asset-based with income generated by its own portfolio of office and retail properties and real estate investments. The rental and lease payments from the property holdings are what make possible the charitable contributions the Foundation makes.

Q. Is Marshall Foundation a family foundation?

A. No, the Foundation is named after its founder, Louise Marshall, and became the sole beneficiary of her real estate assets when she died. There is no family connection with the Foundation beyond her name and the legacy of doing charitable good works in the community.

Q. What kinds of programs and projects does Marshall Foundation support?

A. The Foundation gives primary consideration to organizations involved in health, education and youth-oriented projects and services in Tucson and Pima County. General funding categories include institutional university and college scholarships, children and youth programs, cultural organizations and programs, education, rehabilitation, community service organizations and medical research.

Q. Does the Foundation accept requests from individuals or just non-profit organizations?

A. Marshall Foundation recognizes the important work many individuals are doing in the community, but is only able to accept grant refund applications from organizations registered with the Internal Revenue Service under the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit categories.

Q. Does the Foundation support programs and charitable activities outside of Tucson or Pima County?

A. No. The focus of Marshall Foundation is to support only charitable programs and activities based in Tucson and Pima County, Arizona.

Q. How does my organization go about applying for a grant?

A. First, go to the Information for Grant Seekers section and read the information and instructions on the grant-making process and criteria for consideration. Then print out an application or pick one up at the Foundation offices and fill it out completely and submit it for consideration.



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